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New test centre for hybrid, electrical and fuel cell drives
EMC service provider Mooser GmbH extends service spectrum

In the automotive area, Mooser has continuously expanded its range of services for hybrid, fuel cell and electrical drives since 2009. At the two locations, 22 state-of-the-art absorber and shielding chambers, measuring stations and simulation systems are available across 3500 square meters.
1. EMC test benches for hybrid and electrical drives (2x 250 kW and 2x 100 kW)

2. Electrical tests on high-voltage components.

With immediate effect, the laboratory can also offer electrical tests such as micro-cuts, residual alternating AC voltage, ground shift etc. for high-voltage components. At ambient temperatures from -45°C to +185°C and a test volume of 1m³

3. When we talk about EMC measurements on mechanical components, then we normally mean:

  • The removal of EMC interference through mechanical components such as motor axles
  • Cross-coupling of EMC interference by the mechanical transmission (hybrid transmission)
  • Radiation of EMC interference through drive shafts

To be able to correctly detect and evaluate the faults, Mooser has developed suitable measuring processes and introduced them into the standards.
These measuring processes already enable the interference phenomena to be detected at component level.

4. Extended service spectrum

In connection with the test possibilities for electric mobility, the service spectrum of Mooser is being extended continuously. All drive units can be tested for their EMC with the two 250 kW eCHAMBER®.

  • E-motors with multiple 100 kW power
  • Complete axle drives with multiple 100 kW power
  • Drives for buses and commercial vehicles with multiple 100 kW power
  • Hybrid drives, also for commercial vehicles
  • All high-voltage components from electrical vehicles such as electric steering
  • On board charger
  • Wireless charger
  • Air conditioning systems
  • Shielding damping measurements on housings
  • Shielding damping measurements on materials