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EMC measurement technology

With the latest measurement technology, we meet all the EMC requirements world-wide.

The equipment is geared to the highly demanding requirements and specifications of the automotive industry and military engineering.

Experienced engineers and physicists are available for EMC tests, qualification and development.

The EMC of automotive components is our core competence. We specialise in this.


The basics for effective work:

  • 16 absorber chambers (including radar tests with 600 V/m)
  • 5 shielding chambers
  • 1 reverberation chamber
  • 8 pulse measuring stations
  • 4 vehicle-system simulation systems (12 V, 24 V, 48 V)
  • 1 semiconductor measuring station
  • 2 measuring stations general electrical/HF technology
  • 4 measuring stations for hybrid, fuel cell and electrical drives, 100 kW and 250 kW, ± 1000 V, ±300 A and ±500 A
  • 1 measuring station for electrical tests on high-voltage components with temperature chamber -45°C/+185°C,
    test volume 1 m³

All measuring stations are fully equipped, so that no resource planning is required.

The latest measuring system guarantees an optimal price/performance ratio. For example, we already offer the latest FFT measuring system in the frequency range up to 8 GHz.


We can test according to all common regulations and standards. Our core competence concerns:

  • All automotive standards worldwide
  • Factory standards for all automotive and commercial vehicle manufacturers in Europe, USA and Asia
  • Aerospace standards
  • Military standards such as MIL, VG, DEF, GAM
  • Commercial standards such as CISPR, IEC, ISO, DIN, EN, VDE, SAE
  • EU directives
  • ECE-R 10