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We are one of the leading EMC laboratories in Germany and for our Ludwigsburg/Stuttgart and Egling/Munich locations we are looking for:

Electrical engineers and technicians from the areas


Test Engineer / Test Technician
Electromagnetic Compatibility


Development Engineer
Electrical Engineering (HF) Vehicle Electronics

Your role:

  • EMC measurement technology at the highest level for our customers from the automotive area, industry, military technology and aerospace technology
  • Support and advice for our customers, as well as the implementation of EMC qualifications
  • Coordination and qualification of complex components and systems mainly from the automotive industry; these include, in addition to well-known electronic systems, in particular modern assemblies from the environment of electromobility
  • Active participation in quality management
  • Coordination and evaluation of measurements and tests


  • Creation of challenging test documentation in English and German
  • Automation of test systems
  • Support and advice for customers and suppliers
  • Developing and optimising HF and digital electronics (depending on location)
  • EMC optimisation of our customer products (depending on location)
  • EMC simulation (depending on location)
  • Type tests for the Federal Vehicle Agency (as a technical service)

Requirements / qualifications:

  • Electrical technician with professional experience
  • Electrical engineer specialising in telecommunications equipment, HF technology or automotive electronics
  • Experience with state-of-the-art hardware design and state-of-the-art measurement technology
  • Ready to work collaboratively within a team
  • Highly committed and targeted working style

What we offer:

  • A very interesting and highly varied field of activity
  • The latest technology
  • A secure workplace
  • Performance-related pay
  • A young, highly-oriented team group of employees will integrate you into their team

PDF, job description (28kb)


Please send your relevant application by email to:

Sabine Schmitz
Tel. +49(0)8176 92250

Mooser EMC Technik GmbH 

Osterholzallee 140.3     
D-71636 Ludwigsburg  


Jakob Mooser GmbH

Amtmannstraße 5a
D-82544 Egling/Thanning