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Appointment as a technical service by Federal Vehicle Agency

Possible type approvals based on latest ECE regulation No 10 revision 6
We would like to show you the following options to type-approve your products.

1. Products for original equipment (OEM)
There is a fundamental type approval requirement at vehicle or component level according to ECE regulation No 10 revision 5 or 6. The new key component of these directives which has been created is requirements for EMC behaviour for on board charging devices (OBC). The fundamental measuring processes (radiated and conductive cable-bound interference emissions and radiated and cable-bound interference resistance) still continue to be valid for conventional 12 V / 24 V and 48 V devices.
In the case of non- safety-relevant products (no function in connection with interference resistance), the test of the radiated interference resistance can be eliminated.

There is a number of additional tests for OBCs (e.g. surge and burst pulse).
We will be happy to advise you in the area of type approval! 

2. Products for the aftermarket
As an additional regulation for the non-safety-relevant EUBs (no function in connection with interference resistance) which are exclusively provided for the aftermarket there is the possibility of CE marking (e E1 release). For this, the evidence of the tests in accordance with the rules ECE-R10 Rev. 6 without the test of the radiated interference resistance is required. This method does not require formal type approval.
A CE conformity can therefore be achieved using the product family standard for electronic devices which are subsequently installed in vehicles (DIN EN 50498:2011-04).

Area of applicability of type approvals
E type approvals apply in the countries which are Contracting Parties to the UN/ECE Convention and apply the regulations in their territory. The Contracting Parties include the Member States of the EU and other countries inside and outside Europe.

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