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EMC tests within the focus of Asian electric vehicle ambitions

Mooser EMC Technik GmbH and Albatross Projects GmbH found a great resonance at the Asia-Pacific EMC Week in Beijing with a lecture on EMC tests for innovative automotive drives. The interest in electrical, hybrid and fuel cell drives is particularly strong in the world's largest automotive market. This means the topic of EMC tests also enjoys the highest attention there. Jakob Mooser (Managing Director of Mooser EMC Technik GmbH) and Timo Greiner (Managing Director Albatross Projects GmbH) explained the framework conditions for successful EMC tests on electrical, hybrid and fuel cell drives in a 90-minute presentation. Starting with EMC concepts for electrical drives, via the individual requirements for components, test devices and tests to safety aspects and practical solutions for test devices, a wide range of aspects were covered in the presentation.

Jakob Mooser was able to refer to know-how from his own business here. Mooser EMC Technik GmbH operates the latest absorber and shielding chambers, measuring stations and simulation systems at the Ludwigsburg site over more than 2,500 square metres - a test laboratory which is currently unrivalled by any other manufacturer-independent service provider. Albatross Projects GmbH as a successor organisation to the former Siemens Matsushita Components GmbH also has decades of experience in EMC system technology.

Jakob Mooser: “I was very surprised by the resonance of our presentation. Although the presentation was included in the programme at quite short notice, almost all seats were occupied in the large presentation room. We then further deepened the topic during discussions with many representatives of OEMs and suppliers at the exhibition stand of Albatross Projects. These engaged discussions showed that the topic of electrical drives is being pushed forward in China with considerable momentum. This means the electromagnetic compatibility of the innovative drives also remains a key focus.”


Mooser – an EMC specialist with international reach

Mooser EMC Technik GmbH was founded in Ludwigsburg as a sister company of Jakob Mooser GmbH founded in 1989 in Egling near Munich in 2006. Experienced engineers and physicists are available at both locations for EMC tests, qualification and development. Through active participation in all national and international standards committees for EMC, both companies are familiar with the latest developments. The test laboratories are accredited according to ISO 17025 and have approvals from Fiat Chrysler (FCA), Ford, GM, Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) and Harley Davidson. Mooser tests according to the factory standards of all automotive and commercial vehicle manufacturers in Europe, USA and Asia, according to aviation standards, according to common military and commercial standards and according to the European Community directives. In addition, Mooser is authorised to carry out type tests according to the EU vehicle directive.

For additional information: Jakob Mooser: Tel.: +49 (0)7141/648260 Mail:


Albatross Projects GmbH with its headquarters in Nattheim, Germany is a world leader in the area of high-frequency technology and shielded rooms. Our core competences lie in the development and installation of measuring devices for detection of electromagnetic compatibility and measurement of antenna characteristics. A further core activity is the electromagnetic shielding of nuclear spin tomography examination rooms. Cross-industry customers from the areas of automotive and medical technology, entertainment and household electronics, aerospace and information technology etc. are supplied with customer-specific solutions. About 170 employees work globally at the Albatross Projects Group. The subsidiary companies are located in Germany, Belgium, India, USA, Hong Kong and China.

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