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Mooser EMC Technik GmbH and Jakob Mooser GmbH would like to inform you about new services:

1. Both labs have obtained the accreditation and recognition for EMC tests according to Ford-CS-2009, GMW3097 and Chrysler CS-11979.

2. Reverberation Chamber
In our lab in Ludwigsburg, we have commissioned a new Reverberation Chamber.

200 MHz – 4 GHz

3. A second EMC test facility for hybrid, electro and fuel cell drives with 100 kW of output has been commissioned.

4. For EMC clearance and the development of EMC protective measures we were able to engage further senior engineers.

5. Robert Bosch GmbH, the globally leading automotive supply firm, has appointed us as Preferred Supplier.

EMC tests attract Asian e-car ambitions
Mooser GmbH at the EMC in Beijing

Mooser EMC Technik GmbH and Albatross Projects GmbH have received very positive feedback for their presentation about EMC tests for innovative automotive drive systems at the Asia-Pacific EMC Week in Beijing. In China, the world’s greatest automotive market, the interest in electro, hybrid and fuel cell drive systems is particularly great. Thus, the subject of EMC testing likewise enjoys highest attention there.
In a 90-minute presentation, Jakob Mooser (CEO Mooser EMC Technik GmbH) and Timo Greiner (CEO Albatross Projects GmbH) explained the general conditions for successful EMC testing in electro, hybrid and fuel cell drive systems. The various aspects of the lecture ranged from EMC concepts for electric drives to individual requirements for components, test installations and tests as well as safety aspects and practical solutions for test systems.
Here Jakob Mooser could fall back on in-house know-how. At the Ludwigsburg location, Mooser EMC Technik GmbH operates, on more than 2 000 m², ultramodern absorber and shielding cabins, measuring stations and simulation systems – a testing lab as currently no other manufacturer-independent service provider will have. Albatross Projects GmbH, as successor of the former Siemens Matsushita Components GmbH, likewise has decades of experience in EMC systems technology.
Jakob Mooser: «I was very much surprised by the positive echo of our presentation. Even though the lecture had been inserted into the program at quite short notice, almost all seats in the large lecture hall were occupied. Subsequently, we discussed the subject in detail at the booth Albatross Projects with many representatives of OEMs and vendors. These committed discussions showed that in China great emphasis is placed on the issue of electric drives. Thus, EMC of the innovative drives likewise attracts attention.»
Mooser – a globally active EMC specialist

Mooser EMC Technik GmbH was founded in Ludwigsburg in 2006 as an affiliate of Jakob Mooser GmbH, established in Egling near Munich in 1989. At both locations currently there are more than 60 employees working on EMC solutions. Thanks to their active participation in all national and international automotive standardization committees, the two businesses are familiar with the most recent developments. The testing labs are accredited according to ISO/IEC 17025 and conform to the American AEMCLRP standard. Mooser performs testing according to the company standards of all car manufacturers in Europe, USA and Asia, aviation standards, generally used military and commercial standards and the Directives of the European Union. In addition, Mooser has permission to conduct type testing according to the European Motor Vehicle Directive.

Further information: Jakob Mooser: Tel.: +49/7141/648260 Mail:

Albatross Projects GmbH – The Global Manufacturer of EMC-Test Facilities

Founded in 1999 through a management-buyout, Albatross Projects GmbH, a former business activity of Siemens, became one of the leading global suppliers of EMC –test facilities and RF-shielded rooms. International customers from automotive and medical industry, household and entertainment equipment, information technology etc. rely on the customized solutions of Albatross Projects. The dynamic growth of the company during the recent years is supported by international subsidiaries in Belgium, China, Hong Kong and Singapore and an international sales organization.

For further information please contact: Tel. +49 7321 730 500  Email:


March 10th, 2010
Appointed as Technical Service by the Federal Motor Transport Authority.

Possible type approvals based on the motor vehicle guideline 72/245/EEC as amended by 2009/19/EC or ECE regulation 10 rev. 3

Below we want to show possibilities how to get your products type-approved.

1. Products for original equipment (OEM)

Fundamentally, type approval is required on the vehicle or component level.

«e» type approval as defined in 72/245/EEC as amended by 2009/19/EC
The examinations to be performed are listed in the guideline 2004/104/EC.

«E» type approval as defined in ECE-R10 rev. 2 (only for already existing type approvals) or rev. 3
As revision 2 remains in force only until July 31st, 2012, we recommend type approval as defined in rev. 3 (new approval). Amendments for type approvals as defined in ECE-R10 rev. 2 can be requested up to July 2012.

For non-safety relevant products (no immunity-related functions) the test immunity to radiated disturbances may be omitted.

2. Products for the aftermarket

«e» type approval as defined in 72/245/EEC as amended by 2009/19/EC or
«E» type approval as defined in ECE-R10 rev. 3

As an additional regulation for the non-safety relevant ESA (no immunity-related functions) which are intended exclusively for the aftermarket, there is the possibility of CE marking (e1 waiver). This requires proof of examinations according to regulations ECE-R10 rev. 3 or 2009/19/EC without a test for immunity to radiated disturbances.
This procedure does not require any formal type approval.

With the final draft standard EN 50498, a product norm for aftermarket comfort systems as non-safety relevant ESA is being discussed.

Scope of type approvals
«e» type approvals are valid throughout the European Economic Area.
«E» type approvals are valid in states which signed the UN/ECE Agreement and in case the regulation in their territory applies.
The member states of the EU as well as several countries within and beyond Europe belong to these signatory states.

With regard to testing technology, the regulations ECE-R10 rev. 3 and 2009/19/EC (2004/104/EC) are identical.
Via new approval, an «e» type approval can be converted to an «E» type approval.


Please don not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

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